Every month I spend quite a bit of time deciding on what to write, thinking about the most common questions and concerns that I hear about from pet owners in our community. In doing this, I try to provide helpful tips that anyone can use to improve your pet’s health and happiness and I’m impressed with the great lengths our community pet owners will go to ensure they are receiving the best information, products and resources for their pets. 

For this month, I would like to re-address some easy ways to increase your pet’s health in just a few easy steps! 

Here are a few ways that you can improve your pet’s health and wellness: 

Detox, detox, detox! 

Twice a year, we all should be helping our body rid itself of toxins that can build. There are many ways we can do this ourselves, but what about our pets? By doing a detox, it helps clear your pet’s filtering organs, liver and kidneys, and help move out unwanted toxins out through the skin. All pets need this, but particularly those on medications, medicinal flea control or who show signs of itchy skin. Internal Gold Detox Kit by Amber Technology, Detox Blend by Animal Essentials and Super Cleanse by Glacier Peak Holistics are three products I trust and carry at my stores. 

Add some immune system boosters to your pet’s diet is easy 

There are many natural ways you can help your cat or dog’s system to stay strong and defend against toxins in the environments. Cod liver oil is very high in Vitamin D. Vitamin D is a strong antioxidant and we are most susceptible to being too low in this vitamin in the winter months. One of my favorites is Cod Liver Oil by Nordic Naturals

Other immune boosters include Green Juju, a blend of organic vegetables combined with turmeric,ginger, lemon juice and bone broth. Bone broths in general are an excellent source of enzymes and probiotics, all which help the digestive system stay strong. Kure,  Answers Pet Food and Open Farm are excellent sources of bone broths that are formulated for dogs and cats. 

Increase your exercise with your pet! 

Not only is is great for you, dog’s love all of the stimulation that they receive from being outside. Diversify the walks, finding new places to explore. This allows your dog to experience new sights and smells outside of the neighborhood which you live, thus helping physically and emotionally. 

For cat owners, look for interactive toys for you both, such as laser pointers or wand toys. Playing with your cat increases your bond and helps them burn some extra calories while helping their cardiovascular system. 

And don’t forget the food! 

Remove foods with fillers and replace with foods that only contain animal proteins. Does your pet’s food contain corn, wheat, sorghum, soy or the like? Look for a food that lists the type of protein, such as beef, lamb, chicken, turkey or fish. Stay away from foods that are vague and list “animal meal”. These are not natural or healthy and add to weight gain and more. 

Saving the best for last! 

Vet’s now agree, our dogs and cats need more moisture in their diets. To avoid dehydration, which inevitably can lead to kidney issues down the line, moisture is extremely important to your pets diet. Do not rely on your cat or dog to drink water to fulfill their needs, as they won’t drink enough so I talk to my customers daily about adding water to dry food or better yet, add some high-quality canned or raw food. This will help with dry, itchy skin, weight loss, kidney and liver function and more!